Yamaha 8424

Does anyone know if the yamaha 8424 is ok with clonecd.
The writer was ok for a while but for some reason has decided to be very awkward. I’ve tried various cdr-s.
many thanks

On the Elby site is states in the hardware requirements that most yamaha writers are ok but they write in SAO-RAW. DAO-RAW is not supported. This means that SafeDisc protected games should be ok, but other protections could be a problem. What are you trying to copy? And what do you mean by “the writer was ok for a while”?

Many thanks for your reply.
I wish to make a copy of a friends utils disks
I also wanted to make a copy of a Who wants to be a millionare game for the pc which I bought.
The cdrw worked ok until I upgraded the firmware.
Would Yamaha have put a block to stop me doing this bad practice.

Hope I answer your question.

Thanking you for your interest.

It could be that this upgrade has disabled some features of your drive (same thing with the Plextors which cannot copy SafeDisc 2 with firmware newer then 1.4). If you could downgrade your firmware you should, but I’m not sute this works with Yammi’s. What I always do first when trying to copy something, is to scan the disc on protections. Have you done this? If not you should using for example Clony. Let me know what this program finds.

For “Who wants to be a millionaire” you can always use alternatives like cracks, other burning progs, or other tools. For the utils disc you could also use other burning progs like NERO as long as the disc is not copy protected…