Yamaha 8424 and kodak 74 mins cd doesn't stop spinnning? Help?



So I burnt the sims using cdrwin on a yamaha 8424 with kodak cd, and the cd doesn’t stop turning and making a load whirring/spinning noise on both my drives - I had the same with another bin/cue file I burnt with kodak cds - the other image i made with some shitty brand seemed to be ok. does anyone know why it does this - is it anything to do with the media used?




I personally find that Kodak media is rubbish and will not use it anymore.


I’ve have the same writer as you.
And I have use 10 kodak cd’s (gold)for audio and I doesn’t have any problems.
I use most the Philips (silver premium)cd’s and they work just fine.


Yeah the thing is, I didn’t point this out earlier, the programs all work no problem, it’s just the access time for the cd seems to be a lot longer than normal - I’ve now tried all the different kind of media with the same result - I guess i just need a better quality cd-rom drive (less noisy) Thanks!