Yamaha 4x4x16 scsi

can i update this writer to go more fast?

where can i found new firmware? I have 1.0j

sorry for my english


you can find the firmware here


Changelog :

What’s New in 1.0j (updated: 6-23-00):

Add support for reading High-Speed CD-RW disc (New standard for CD-RW disc). No support for writing, re-writing and erasing the disc.

Add support for reading some copy-protected CD-ROM discs.

The problem fixed with Retrospect from Dantz where an error occurs during recording on slower Macintosh and Windows models.

   Firmware version 1.0i was not released.

Sorry , no new high speeds.

unless u use the cracked firmware :stuck_out_tongue:

you know where i can found this cracked firmware?

i have tried to change ini file for update the 6x4x16 firmware
he begins flash but return an error

i see an article on cdr-info but link is corrupt

thanx for the page man!

Originally posted by TechMastex
you can find the firmware here

i have search for any article or cracked firmware but i didn’t found which i need

anyone know the solution:)