Yamaha 4416E



What software is best to use with my Yamaha 4416E, I wanted to use Clone Cd but it isn't supported. What other product does an excellent job? I currently use Adaptec EZ Creator Deluxe 4.0 but it does not seem to do the job. It makes good music cds but that is about it.


Nero, definately. Unless you want to copy psx games. Though Nero works great, CDRwin is just a little bit more stable when copying psx cd’s.
Do yourself a big favor and throw away Easy CD Creator, it sucks big time.


i agree i have a yamaha 6416 and cdrwin is the all arourund software


I have the 4416E and CDRwin 3.7e seems to work best for all the copying I do music and games and apps, its best to make an image when copying as this cuts down on coasters.

I have had some trouble with EZ creator 4 as have a lot of people there are patches at the adaptec site but you have to have a registered version to get all of them its a mess actually. EZ cd creator 3.5c works great for doing multisession stuff I do all my download backups with it.

The thing is burning isn’t just cut and dried like copying to a floppy you have to find the right stuff that works for you and your machine.
I bought a 100 spindle of memorex 8x and haven’t made a coaster in a while with these.
The bottom line is to try things out and see what works best for you.