YAMAHA 4416 to 6416



hey guys..straight to the point!
i have heard about upgrading my YAMAHA 4416 ide drive to 6416 with a simple firmware update. is that true or i will just screw up my recorder???



I have also a Yamaha 4416 IDE and really like to know that.

Do you know it already wanderer ???

Or somebody else maybe ???


Unfortunately until now this has been proved to be nothing more than a rumour!
I know as much as you do.
However i am still searching for more info…

On the other hand NetSurfer posted a topic regarding a utility which enables our recorders to write in RAW mode…
Not much hope to either topics i am afraid!!


both of those rumors are just a hoax. you guys have been fooled…although, it would be cool, that’s why they make different models!