Yamaha 24x problems

I have a yamaha 24X (CRW3200E) with the last firmware as far as i know (1.0d), im using winXP with SP1 installed, i have tried IPIO only and UDMA same result, it start at 24X but after like 6% drop “due media” im using 40X cdrs, i wonder if any1 could give me an advise to be able to fix this.
PS im using nero, blindwrite, alcohol 120% with same result

thanks in advance

The only thing you can do is buy better quality cdr media. It doesn 't matter if the speed 40x if the quality is not good. Check the manufacturer (nero info tool sais it). Iif you check the media forum posts you will find the good and the bad.

I suggest the Taiyo Yuden cdrs.

The is 99% nothing wrong with the yamaha but is known that it needs good quality cdrs.

If you like you can try disable the “optimun write speed controller” through nero and see if it writes them at 24x. But next time buy better cdrs.

By the way, is this happening whatever you try to burn or on something specific?

it happens with nero with data, with images in blind write, alcohol 120%,i was using AT&T and now it works with nero disabling the optimus writing,
im using Philips 40x with same results, just the prob is that other software dont have that optimus writing to disable it :confused:

Only nero does that as i know. You can 't do anything about it.

You must get better media. I buy one or two to check the manufacturer (nero info tool, Atip reader, e.t.c.) and then i buy more. I mostly use the TDKs 24x that are Taiyo Yuden made (but not all TDKs are).