Yamaha 2100S - cdrw not working 10X speed

i have Yamaha 2100s (16x10x40)
when i put normal cdrw (not high speed) i see in nero and in easy cd creator 5 that the maximum burner burning speed is 4x (because the cd is only 1x,2x,4x).
when i put the cdrw high speed cd that i got with my burner he writes me that the maximum speed is 8x instead of 10x.
how to fix it ?
i updated the firmware to the latest: 1.0N

i am looking for your answers because it’s urgent to me…


    Gil Golan

Is the rest of your PC equipped to handle such speeds?

The chain is only as strong as its weakest link…

i can burn at 16x and the cd goes out fine…

there is no problem with the pc… it’s the burner that doesnt give the option of x10 on cdrw

I have the Yamaha CRW2100E. It’s a limitation of the burner that will not allow you to write a cdrw at 10x. The only time it will write at this speed is when packet writing.

That’s true!Yamaha 2100 can’t rewrite at 10x as it says,but only at 4x.

it writes x4 on normal cdrw cd’s.
but the cd u get with the recorder is 10x (although can write only at 8x…)

the 8x cd’s named high-speed cd-rw if u want to buy more.