Yamaha 2100e spins but fails reading



I'm having problems with my Yamaha 2100e (IDE) drive.

Whenever i put a CD inside the tray it starts spinning it at a very low speed and finally it fails at reading it. (when i first bought it some months ago it was pretty loud and fast!)

I used to have the same problem the last month but it wasn't permanent (it went away after a few restartings of my PC) , but now it is.

I have connected my CD-RW as secondary master with no other device in the same IDE cable.

I would appreciate any help or recommendation!


Does this happen to all CDs (or only backups)?
What OS are you running?

And please, for future reference, do not use topic titles as ‘Help’, for they don’t say anything about your problem and are very annoying…


It happens to all CD’s not only backups and my system is :

Pentium 3 450Mhz , Intel 440BX , 128Mb , Windows 98SE.

ps : Sorry if i annoyed you but “help” was the first word that came into my mind at that time :slight_smile:


The easiest way would be to try the burner in another computer, this should tell you immediately if it is dead. Anyway that’s what it seems to me from what you describe. Happened to me a couple of times…

Usually drives will emit a blinking code telling you what’s wrong. Doesn’t the Yamaha? You should then be able to decode what went wrong (probably pick-up head)


About the blinking code you mentioned :

My Yamaha emits green light when working and orange when not working.

As i told in my first post whenever i put a CD in the tray it starts spinning it at low speed (emiting the green light) and after a while it fails at reading it (light turns orange).

That’s why i’m not sure it’s completely dead (which means orange light).

Anyway , my Yamaha is still under guarantee but i want to make sure it’s broken , so maybe i should try it in another computer.


siblings in recording and writing,

I also have a Yamaha scsi (4260) that has suddenly stopped detecting virgin cdrs and cdrws (eternal wait cursor or win explorer keeps blinking) but can read written ones. I’m been trying to wipe its lens clean and prying it open to make it work. So far I havent been able to make it read.

In the meantime I do have to save my net browsing and downloads so that i have to buy a new burner. 24x is present and good enough. But i’m looking around for cheap ones like asus, imation or lite-on. I’m looking up on the lite-on here but it’s 40x. My system is a k-62- 400 64m freetech p5f93 dedicated to cd audio burning.

btw, i’m new here and find the website very intensive bout review with all the graphs and pages. i’ve been urged on by /. about overclocked cdrwriters. am I glad to be onboard. i’m a boom baby rocker u know, mersey sound, beatles, doors, ccr, moody blues, jethro tull (ian a. is coming back), thewho, pinkfloyd, to boston, temple pilots, hootie&dblowfish, pearljam, enigma and nirvana.

I believe that knowledge and music liberate!!

thanks and take care all,
junie henson


I have sent my Yamaha for repair and they told me that it could even take two months to fix it.


Anyway , lghenson your taste in music isn’t bad i also like Jethro Tull , Beatles and some of the bands you mentioned.



I’ve consulted my fix-it-all pal (from calibrating benz diesel fuel injection systems to flashing cell-phones). He suggested that I FLASH my unit to make it remember. I’ll keep you all posted if I make any repairs.

Again, am I glad to be on board. I was even prompted about this thread by e-mail. Never had such personal service. Cheers and happy listening.