Yamaha 2100E not reading cd's at all, any fix?

Hi there, about 2 yrs ago I bought a Yamaha 8824e cdrw and ended up returning it to Yamaha’s RMA department 2 days before the end of the warranty. They ended upgrading the drive to the 2100e cdrw, but after a year of working well for me it decided to stop reading any cd’s just like my old burner did. Unfortunately Yamaha would not cover any of the cost for repairing the drive and told me that I could send it in along with $75 to upgrade the drive to a newer one. Well as it happens I was pretty reluctant to give them more of my money after 2 different models stopped working with exactly the same problem (not being to able to read\write any type of cd).

So now this drive sits in my desk collecting dust and I’m wondering to myself is there anyway of fixing this drive so I can use it again or do I throw it out. before u answer know this, 2 month’s before the drive failed I updated the bios on the cdrw and also cleaned the lens with a cleaning solution and lint free cloth (used for cleaning my Pentax lens). If there is a way of fixing it plz let me know as i would like to put it in another computer or replace my aging 36x acer cd-r in my current comp.

Also just so u know I did end up buying another cdrw by LG that burns @24x10x40 and has bufferunderrun and 8meg buffer


built in obsolesence.

So did you open the burner and clean the lens or what? because using those CD cleaners dont work for shit on burners. infact they can damage the lens