Yamaha 20x/10x/40x CD-RW With SafeBurn Review

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As a writer it impressed me. Not as much for it’s writing speeds but for it’s SafeBurn technology. The Optimum Write Speed Control is…

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The Plextor has had the Safeburn feature (maybe not called that) since the intriduction of the Plex1610A

This Burner Should be better than the new Teac Drive, i don+t think so. But Still very good Burner !

Well of course it’ll be better! Zone-CLV sucks, because it stops twice for speed change thus creating two 1-micron gaps ON EVERY CD YOU BURN! (pop, hiss on Audio CDs) - Partial-CAV is the way to go - smooth acceleration with no stops, sudden speed changes or gaps!

Plextor’s is called PoweRec. It can only reduce the speeds from 16x to 12x or 8x. Most people don’t even know this drive can do that.