Yamaha 16/10/40 IDE CD-RW review

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GamePC reviews the Yamaha 16/10/40 IDE CDRW drive. This fast drive burns a 700 MB CD in 5 minutes. The thing we miss is burnproof/something similar, so you…

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16X with an IDE drive? Are they stupid??? Even with burnproof this would be keeping a “normal” cpu very occupied so withouth it… it sux!

16x is alright however

Damn, 16x… I once tried to copy a little textfile to floppy while burning a CD. Damn CDRWIN: “Command Write failed on blablabla…” Copying a fucking textfile is too much for a PII-450 @ 2x!!! This is fucking insane. But I guess Santa will be bringing me a nice 16x plextor…

euhm…when you access youre floppy drive (copying something on it) you will notice that youre system goes slower sometimes hangs for a few secs, when you do this while you’re burning it could have a negative effect on the buffer so in most cases (!=burnproof) you’ll get a coaster, so blame fucking winblow and not youre writer

Wow … 16x … i only have 4 and its getting kinda annoying.

Why wouldnt you buy a scsi cdr drive anyhow, they are so much better.


I’m in the market for a new burner and being aware of the Yamaha 16X I called Plextor and inquired about when they may have a burner faster than 12X. They(salesman) told me nothing in the works… Maybe in about a year! Soooo I ordered the plexwriter 12 anyway, Ha! Shipped 11/14, should have it soon :wink:

im very pleased with my 12x/4x/32x plex …

ps: upgrading from 12x to 16 x is stupid … (only 2 min faster …)

Save 2 min. and change the Plextor drive with a Yamaha ide…not a chance :-

Yamaha has always been the pioneer in the CDR feild and this drive just affirms it further. Yamaha rules.

Right !

Going for the shorter postings, PaRaDoX ??

Whats the use! since every one seems to be an expert in how good YAMAHA Writers are!!! so why bother to argue! when any comment other than what they want to hear is not acceptable.

Happy with that R0bby ?

How about supporting Dao Raw recording like in CloneCD or Blindwrite? Anyone any info on that?

DAO-RAW is officialy supported by the Yamaha 16x but Clone CD seems to have a problem with it. Blindwrite though has no problems with it so far.