Yamada dvd-2100 - great player but update required?



I have a yamada dvd-2100; it is a few years old but still feels fairly new to me. Considering I purchased an lg-4163b I thought I might as well start putting it to use! So I’ve recently been experimenting with dvd backups (thanks to this forum :smiley: ). First disks I burnt were dvd -r ritek 8x G05’s (printable) and the first disk tried in the 2100 had out-sync’d video/sound, however by re-starting the disk, this was solved and continued to play flawlessly, I was very impressed. I then decided to purchase some fuji 8x +r yuden000 T02 disks as recommended on here from apr media.

However these disks do not play on the 2100, so im a little disappointed. There doesn’t seem to be much information on the web about the 2100, does anybody have any more testing knowledge with the player? The yamada/umax website suggests updating the firmware of the player. However their official .de site has taken the 2100 off their list (obviously obsolete model now) and the first player available is the 2500. Firstly I was wondering if it was possible to flash the 2100 with the 2500 firmware, although that probably is asking for trouble.

So on inspecting videohelps user’s comments some people mentioned a firmware update where the link still works! +r firmware . However on updating the player this still had no effect on the +r disks. They still do not load up. :sad:

On continued searching, I found one persons direct statement referring to the dvd-2100 and nero burning in UDF form but with physical partition set to 1.02. Yeh the disk played, but it shows folders and vob files, which have to be selected manually. Not to mention my custom menu’s did not have any interactivity. So that was no good.

So is there anything else I can try. Furthermore would upgrading to a yamada 6700 be worth it? But then again with around that money I could buy 100 taiyo yuden -r disks which would surely work! Im not sure I want to upgrade this player because despite its age it works with so many formats, the only increased benefit being mpeg4 which I don’t intend looking into.

Maybe if there was another cheap player that supported most +r / -r disks id consider, so id be interested in anybody elses experience with using the the fuji +r yuden 02 disks on standalone dvd players.