Yaiyo Yuden 16x DVD+Rs



I just ordered some (100) Taiyo Yuden shiny silver 16x DVD+R media in cake box for $44.99 (free shipping) from SuperMediaStore.com. They claim these DVDs are genuine TYs. Has anyone heard of this online store and know of its reputation? Should have asked this before purchasing. Since I saw in reading some of the forums’ discussions that TYs may give the best compatibility of recorded movies on an array of players, I want to give them a try. Using DVDFab Platinum trial version & DVD Cloner 6 with 16x 4.7G Memorex DVD+Rs, but having a problem with the recordings playing on all my DVD players. Hoping the TYs will make a difference.

By the way, did I get “ripped off” in the price?


I have purchased from SuperMediaStore for over a year now.
All the Ty’s that I have gotten from them were genuine.

As far as price it’s right in there, I try to catch it on sale.
Some of the others here showed me a couple of other places to keep a eye on for sales on Ty media
Rima,and newegg, you might want to add those places to your list also to keep a eye on for sales.