Yahoo - what a farce



It seems that a lot of people are very very disappointed that Yahoo have just gone ahead with a major format change both in their email and groups websites without warning, request or the option to opt out.

I’m finding the new versions almost unusable. Particularly the email box. I have been on for about 14 years and I’m seriously considering changing everything to a new service. The page layout looks like it’s been devised by somebody who has never used a computer to read email Not sure if this is supposed to reflect the growing amount of people viewing mail through mobile phones or if it is just absolute incompetence. It just doesn’t work properly whereas the format it replaced over this month almost did and for me the format they moved away from over the last couple of years was more satisfactory still .

But this new thing just looks like they’ve seen something working elsewhere, not fully understood the process and simply forced it on their customers. They seem to have introduced infinite scroll without thinking how the users want their mailboxes organised and giving no option to opt out back to having pages with a fixed amount of messages on each.
In fact this lack of option to opt out of the new format is one of the more contentious things here.
Apparently the company has been sending out messages like this
“Yahoo is continually developing and testing new product concepts in an effort to offer the most delightful experiences for our users. We randomly expose test pages to a fraction of our users, and your account has been included in a test group.”
which I think really sucks. So somebody does think it is prudent to run a guinea-pig programme like this without warning, request or above all the option to opt out. I’ve seen a lot of people threatening to leave this service over the last few days. Presumably at least some of them will have done so by now.

It looks like nobody is very happy with the new format and there are pages and pages of complaints about it on the firm’s feedback page.
Anybody else have any feelings about this?


I got fed up a few months ago and dropped my Yahoo email account.

But Yahoo traffic is way up overall, so maybe we’re in the minority. Of course part of that is their acquisition of Tumblr.


I don’t know if this will help.
My Yahoo email account comes directly to my Windows Mail in Vista.
That’s the way I set it up.
This Yahoo account is through AT&T .
These are considered disposable email accounts but I’ve kept this one a long time.
There is also an account that is permanent.

@ Kerry , IIRC you have AT&T for your ISP . Do you have the Yahoo disposable accounts with it ?


My AT&T email is ancient, and dates back to Southwestern Bell days. It has been associated with Yahoo in some capacity for some time, but I never visit the site. I use Thunderbird to access that email account.

I believe I’m allowed more email addresses through them, but have never bothered.


My complaint about all of these mail-systems is that I want Upper Left Corner user controls - sign-in’s, log-outs, etc. I want those controls to always be most visible, most often, and that’s upper left corner - not far upper right corner, which can require scroll-overs.

I’m unsure if new traffic indicates “approval of change” or the equally-likely “I have to see this, shake my head twice and re-login to make sure I’m REALLY seeing this” mode.

This format appears similar to other mail-systems, though, as if that’s any consolation (it’s not!) but it does make switching to others perhaps more palatable? It’s hard for me to consider this, but I really can see the day when Yahoo has been sold off, parceled out and shut down. The Novell of the World Wide Web. Who’da thunk it?