Yahoo Unlimited Help

OK, first I am not trying to do anything illegal here, only solve a problem that Yahoo Unlimited is giving me.

I subscribe to Yahoo Unlimited and have a Rio Carbon 5gb player. I download music and things are OK for a bit and then I run into read errors on the player using the Yahoo Music Engine. This read error stops me from being able to syncronize music with the player without deleting all songs from the player.

The problem is that when you do this, Yahoo only lets you transfer a song twice to the player before you have to manually delete it and then manually download it again. With 2000 songs this is a pain to say the least.

What I want is not a full hack on the files to steal them, I want something to disable the transfer limit or just simply reset the transfer count on the files so I can transfer what I have again when this problem comes up.

Does anyone know if there is a program or something out there that will allow this?

If you want an easy way to Transfer your songs your going to have to remove the DRM. To do this your going to need either Tunebite or Muvaudio. If you have a powerful computer like myself than Muvaudio is the better choice because it lest you rip 5 songs at once were as on tunebite will only rip one song at a time. Both of these programs record the data going to your sound card, so the whole song must play back before it can save the song in the format and bitrate that you select. Tunebite on the other hand is less complex and has more ease of use but go with Muvaudio for your 2000 songs because that would take tunebite weeks to strip the DRM and Muvaudio will do it 5x faster.

I also forgot to mention that MuvAudios Demo download puts a womans voice about every 30secs in your DRM free tracks saying “trial” the Demo is clearly not 100% functional until you regester it and Activate it that will only set you back $18.99.

I actually found a way around this.

It seems the Yahoo Music Engine option to “Relicense Track” actually does work, but the Yahoo software doesn’t know it. I relicensed all the tracks and then checked the properties and they were all able to be synched again.

I just have to use the Rio software to sync the player and all works well.