Yahoo Press- DVD Double Layer

Just fyi…


note at the end…

"… The dual-layer discs will be slower to burn than single-layer discs — the drives will be rated as burning at 2.4 times faster than playback speed, versus eight times for single-layer discs.

A full 8.5 gigabytes will take about 45 minutes to burn…"

In my op, not worth it yet until it reaches at least 4X, not when media can be had at about $1.00 a disc (vs $5.00 to $6.00), and can burn at 8X (vs 2.4)…

and as far as movies go, I’ve had success with +4 media burning at 8X speed on a liteon 811s at 70% and compressing the trailers/extras down using shrink.

PS, I noticed it said encoding software illegal in the US, does that mean I have to delete my programs or are the grandfather claused.

$5-6 as an intro price is much lower then I’ve been hearing ($10). Good news … they can only go down and probably $3 or less by Christmas.