Yahoo Messenger with Voice TROUBLE!

Hello, :sad:

This is what happens EXACTLY:

I have windows 2000 running. My IM version is and My Yahoo module is
I download messenger by going to your site when it asks me to Open or Save the application I open it and follow the instructions and at the end, it installs alright. And I do all this logging on as an Administrator to my PC. For a few days everythig runs alright. After a few days I open messenger and start messeging with my contacts. If I click the Call buttton, or anywhere else in the messenger window to change fonts, or open audibles or anywhere at all, THE COMPOSE BOX JUMPS UP ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP, VERTICALLY. I then have to manually drag the compose box down. And it does not stop happening. I tried restarting my PC, even tried to un-install messenger, removing the Yahoo files in the Programs directory and even cleared out the registry of all traces of Yahoo. And made a clean install once again but then again, it runs fine for a few days and later it starts giving me this problem.

I tried contacting Yahoo many times with this but never got the answer I am looking for. I want to know this:
In the Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs, where Yahoo Messenger is listed, clicking on that to un-install it you get three options. 1) Automatic 2)Custom 3)Repair. I have tried 1) and 2) but for the Repair option it states that I will require the “installation media” for it. I tried repairing it and later at the end it says I need to specify the path for the “installation media” otherwise it cannot repair. I dont know where that is?? Could you help me out here.

My conclusion is that there must be some DLL file missing or conflicting with the previous version of messenger. I dont know what to do, hope you will or if not can you please forward this to the appropriate department.

Thanking You, :flower:

PS: I am attaching a gif image of what my messsenger window looks like when it becomes unstable with the compose box jumping up.

installation media -> the installer file itself.

This newest version of Yahoo messenger … SUCKS. It sucks HARD. It is more broken than almost any previous version of the program.

Thus, I have no advice other than to wait until they fix it.

With a little ray of hope each morning,

The installation media meaning the installer file,

is that the one that you download to your pc to install messenger. Its quite a small file, I tried that but did not work.

OR is it the one that after installing yahoo messenger is in your Program Files in drive C? I am thinking it is the second option… I never had this kind of a trouble with yahoo before and even tried to contact them for help but they keep on telling me all those things that I already know and did.

I dont think they know half as much as some of the experts at this club forum… hope things work out for me :stuck_out_tongue:

WEll, thanks for whatever help you guys gave. I managed to fix the problem myself :clap: