Yahoo Launches MusicNet Service - $60/yr!



It looks like we can dump FYE, Napster, Rhapsody, MusicNet, and Virgin Digital for Yahoo!'s new Unlimited Music Service. It has the same library as all of the other MusicNet clients (and little difference in tracks with Rhapsody and Napster), but is priced at just $7/month or $60/year! Visit the Yahoo! home page for more details. Yes, the music is Janus/DRM protected. If/when that is broken again, you’d be able to load your iPod or other non-Janus device for 1/3rd of what it costs to subscribe to the other services.


Don’t forget to mention they encode their WMA’s at 192 KB/s


It does not have same libary as napster in fact i have both of them and there has been 5or 6 songs napster has and yahoo don’t


I have both Napster and Yahoo. Aside from classical music (Napster has far more), Yahoo has a better library for me, and some albums that are “buy only” on Napster you can download on Yahoo (try Journey, Frank Zappa, many others to compare).