Yahoo cutting off email services for users with ad blockers



We’ve just posted the following news: Yahoo cutting off email services for users with ad blockers[newsimage][/newsimage]
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Hmmm, how should I put this :confused:
Will the users or Yahoo suffer from such a regime?

To explain my thoughts, I think I will have to bring up an old, but closed debate…
WinACE or WinRAR? That was the question back in the early 2000s.
Of the two, WinACE was the one most eager to protect their investment. The years went and as history shows, WinRAR won that fight. (I think it is time to register if you have used it for free the last ten years) :bigsmile:

BTW: I have whitelisted


I agree. If people no longer have a free email service, they will move elsewhere. Being forced to view ads is not “Free”. Sounds like Yahoo is trying to suss that out with this limited “test”. If enough people leave, end of test.


I guess Yahoo is trying to make themselves even more irrelevant.


I guess if you don’t want ads, you probably shouldn’t use an Email service that’s free in exchange for you accepting ads.


hm…must be me only but I don’t use adblocker software. :smiley:


So are they going to kill pop and imap support so you can’t use an email client as well?


Yawn … then from Yahoo to Ya- who?


[U]btw, I do whitelist sites with few non intrusive ads[/U]


I used yahoo email for a short period a long time ago.  I’ve been a happy gmail user for about 10 years now.


If you’re a Firefox user, you can overcome this bullcrap somewhat easily.

In AdBlock’s settings, disable the “###theAd” filter from EasyList. It’s a rarely tripped rule so disabling it doesn’t seem to cause any negative side effects.

Dunno how to disable it on Chrome adblock though…


Just found out the fix for Chrome users. Add “#@##theAd” in the “Add your own filters” list.