Yahoo CEO to step down

Yep, that’s right… CEO Jerry Yang will step aside!

Considering how far Yahoo has dropped since it refused to be taken over by Microsoft, I am surprised Yang managed to last this long as CEO. Co-founder or not, you can only make so many bad decisions before share owners will call for your head on a platter…

I wonder who they’re going to choose to replace him.

That’s sad that he had to step down as CEO. For a lot of
years he did a good job. He offered low affordable prices
on his internet services. I think the pressure he was
talking about was the stock holder’s anger over the
buy out offers from MICROSOFT. He felt the company was
worth more then what they were offering?. He may have
been right. The competition from too many internet services
now was hurting his argument. Maybe this reminder of BILL
GATES past will make him feel better.It doe’s for me.