Yahoo CEO Says hollywood has failed

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Terry Semel, chairman of Yahoo and a former Hollywood executive, is calling the music and movie industry slow and paralyzed. He said it is time that the industry takes a very good look at their…

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The more public awareness there is the more people know that other people are getting free music, and free movies. Then when people realize that other people are getting it for free (even though it’s illegal) they’ll start to want it for free. File sharing is still passing by word of mouth. Hollywood and the RIAA are telling everybody about how to get free music with their public awareness.

Hey assholes! Drop the price of a music CD to say $5 and ill buy the CD rather than download it! CD prices have remained steadily constant and if you increase sales you’ll increase revenue… So if you still want to charge 13-18 bux for a CD thats not on sale and thats 5-10 yrs old, Id rather download it…

For the pricing of movies (CDs, rental, etc.), I would understand the price as $millions are spent making them. But for music, only a very small fraction of that amount is spent developing songs. I.e., no stunts, weeks of rendering frames, etc. As it only costs roughly $0.50 to make a CD, in theory this would mean that Audio CD’s can be sold for a fraction of the price of Movies such as $3 - $5, i.e. the price of them cheap tribute/re-recorded albums. But instead, the Music Industry wants to charge the same price as DVDs! (At least here in Ireland) :frowning: Any way, according to a record store, artists are only paid less than 10% for every album sold! They must also pay most of this back for studio costs, production costs, etc.

I think if the movie studios used the same pricing scheme as the music industry uses for audio CD’s. A DVD would cost about $800. DVD’s are still over priced, but are still a much better value than an audio CD. It sure looks like lower prices for DVD’s are the real reason for more revenue.