Yahoo! censors media search engine links in Messenger chats

Yahoo! censors media search engine links in Messenger chats.

[newsimage][/newsimage]It appears that entertainment industry trade groups like the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) have found a new ally in their fight against piracy, as internet giant Yahoo! has begun censoring communications in their Messenger chat program.

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It’s their bat and ball, so you have to play by their rules.

If you don’t like it, you’ll just have to take your catchers mitt and go play somewhere else …

I’d probably care if I used yahhoo … but, quite frankly, I consider yahhoo completely irrelevant - they’re a dinosaur … like metered telephone calls :stuck_out_tongue:

Before MSN messenger was renamed to Windows Live Messenger, it use to be a pain for censoring links. Anything that had “download.php” in the URL got censored. I haven’t noticed any issue so far since it became Windows Live Messenger.

As Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger contacts can communicate with each other, I wonder how this link filtering affects a chat session between a Yahoo and Windows Live contacts, e.g. if a Yahoo user sends a censored message, would it get through on the Windows Live Messenger end or vice versa…

At least when MSN Messenger blocked messages, it did display a notice about the message not being delivered, rather than the message simply disappearing.

Interesting topic and timing. My wife, who is woking on her graduate studies, is currently taking a legal class in which her professor is a high experienced attorney. My wife learned and shared with me that we don’t share the same right to privacy laws on the internet and cell phones as one would have if making a telephone from a landline. Our calls, even VoIP, are not private nor is anything that typed on the internet such as chat, twitter and Facebook. Well I didn’t know this and wonder how many of you out there know as well.

@SciFer how is it “not private” if it’s not posted in a public space such as this?

What’s next? Censoring emails? Our rights are being whittled away little by little…

[QUOTE=Kerroj;2582666]What’s next? Censoring emails? Our rights are being whittled away little by little…[/QUOTE]

It appears that the Puritans are still very much alive and well in Mrrica.
As for what’s next, Public Dunkings, the Stocks and of course Public Burnings for using Bit Torrents. Who knows, they might even try to emulate the Spanish Inquisition. Forced Confessions on every Street Corner.
Ponder how much better the World would be if the damn Mayflower had sunk