Yager - Securerom New - how to DVD


I’m trying to make a copy of this game but it has Securerom New protection /founded only when the game is installed/.
The problem is that I can’t make an image /tryed with Alcohol 120%, Fantom CD/ where do I choose what kind of protection should be the image made with.
I can only choose if the DVD image should be separetad or not and thats all.

Can somebody pls. help me how can I make it?

If it’s on a dvd rather than on cd and is copy protected with securom, it isn’t presently possible to make a working copy.

yes its a dvd, but I’ve tried this from a copy too /and this copy does work/
…isnt it somehow possible to just download the dvd to a folder and put the protection into the folder too?

btw. the contest of the dvd does look kind of it would be made by the copy way