YABQ (yet another bitsetting question)

Hi all,

I just read http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/150 - excellent article btw :bow: , however I still have one question:

My drive (BenQ822A+) allows bitsetting, my stand alone player plays DVD+Rs and -Rs just fine but there might be the chance that somebody elses player wont. I could maximize compatibility by burning all DVD+Rs as DVD-ROMs, however, I am not sure whether this will influence the ‘playability’ in e.g. a standard DVD-ROM drive. Does pretending to be a ‘real’ DVD-ROM influence the reading strategies of DVD-ROM drives? And what about data DVDs - can I run into problems with them when I change the bitsetting globaly? What about multisessions?

These questions might be somewhat stupid, but hey, that’s just me :bigsmile:


Some DVD-ROM drives have the “bad habit” of reading DVD+R with booktype DVD-ROM much faster than those discs without a changed booktype.
I’ve never heard of drives that were unable to read a DVD+R with changed booktype, although I have the problem, that my Toshiba 1602 doesn’t read DVD+RW which are changed to DVD-ROM.