Y music

I need some help. I downloaded the y music juke box and subscribed to the service that lets me download songs onto my mp3 player. I can download a song and play it on yahoo jukebox but when I try to put it onto my mp3 player it says that there is a licensing error. I reacquire the license and it still won’t work. Quite frankly I’m sick of it. Does anybody have any advice for me? Perhaps where I should be getting music from? All comments appreciated.

Not that you want to read through the entire thread here but it’s got a lot of helpful info that you might want to go through at some point.

Basically, you’ll need to purchase Tunebite, MuvAudio or use a program called FairUse4WM.

It removes the DRM from the WMAs and then allows you to convert them to MP3 as desired.

did you get the subscription for pc only or for pc and portable player downloads. if pc only it won’t allow for transfers, but it costs a little less. my recommendation, get the pc only subscription and tunebite everything to mp3 as suggested above.

Sick of this DRM, really sick. the same old question: why aren’t we allowed to play a file that we paid for on every device we own??? That’s just :Z

I was also looking a while ago for a software that would help me to overcome this problem and I tried a few tool. I stopped at Tunebite 'cause I had several resaons to do this: nice interface, easy to use, good results.
Now I upgraded to Tunebite Platinum which also helps with video files. It also has a cd burning function and sync to mobile devices so almost everything can be done only using Tunebite.
Hope I was of help,
good luck