Y.A.S.U How to/ Help/Tutorial

First of all, I hope I’m posting this thread under the correct section .

I noticed people talking about Y.A.S.U. and I searched for a decent tutorial to learn how to use it, and I was not very lucky, is there somebody that is willing to help the less knowledgeable people.?

Thank you again and please pardon my english, your help is deeply appreciated.

I’m trying to copy C&C The first decade, to play with out the DVD inserted, I have alcohol120, clonecd and virtual clone drive, no virtual driver with alcohol.

From my knowledge Daemon Tools (Alcohol uses DTools vdrive technology) virtual drives are emulating SCSI drives. In your case the used protection (SafeDisc) simply doesn’t accept any SCSI drives on your system as long as there are IDE drives you have to use them to start the game. yasu ‘hides’ all your IDE drives so the protection ‘things’ you just have SCSI drives and now you’re ‘allowed’ to use your SCSI drive as it seems you got no alternative. This is how I understand this whole thing so it’s far away being a technical explanation and also might be wrong. yasu has an own support forum lead by the author sYk0 maybe he can give you a detailed description which can be found here.

For your problem you’ve to uninstall CloneCD and the virtual clone drive as they’re both blacklisted and use this guide to create a backup of C&C The first decade of your SafeDisc protected DVD.