Anyone using DVDFab Platinum to make XviDs? How well does it work? Will it use the latest versions of the XviD codec if you download and install it?

^ I use it - works great except for I can’t get a resolution I’m happy with. Would like to know about codec updates also.

yes, i will also want to know about the codecs

Right now I use DVDFab Free and AutoGk (also free), and I have good results. But there are other reasons I would like to get the platinum version.

I think I will bounce this everyday till I get an answer.

…Just Kidding… but I would like to know more about the XviD, DivX solution for Platinum.

hi, weaver4

Sorry for reply you later,

XVID’s codec is a part of avcodec.dll, not support user installed codec now.

We will try to support user codec like XVID or DIVX by vfw interface in future.