Does anyone know a fast xvid converter. I tried several times to convert a 300mb xvid movie to dvd, except it takes almost 3 hours with all video to dvd converter. :confused:

Thanks in advanced

It depends on your PC specifications. If you supply them, then an estimate can be made.

I have an athlon 3400 with 1 gig of ram, and I have converted a video clip of about 1.5 hours in about 1 hour. This is with convertxtodvd. Previously with a Pentium 4 2.0 ghz with only 758 meg. of ram it would take about 3-4 hours using the same software. I don’t find the size of the video has as much to do with it as the length of the clip in minutes. Hope this helps.

Ill try convertxtodvd. I have 512mb ram. Converting avi to dvd takes a lot less time, like about 50 minutes for 500mb.

Encoding a mpeg-2 file require a lot of CPU power. If you want to speed up the conversion, you need a powerful CPU and also a lot of RAM. You will be able to encode faster increasing RAM at least to 1 GB.

If you have a lot of these conversions to do, maybe it’s a better and faster solution to purchase a standalone able to read also AVI files.

Agreed with Geno there, a Avi compatible DVD player would be ideal, you can pick one up for around £30 (V.decent).

You can speed up the encoding process by disconnecting from the internet and disabling (temporarily) Anti-virus/Firewall/Anti-Spyware etc, it won’t create a tremendous difference, but it aids the process.

ok, ill try that too. I am using convertxtodvd. I teseted it and it seems to go pretty fast. I just wish convertxtodvd could be freeware without watermarks.

Also, ive been using dvd decrypter & dvd shrink for awhile. But all of a sudden when i successfully copy a movie and play it with my dvd player, i can only hear the audio on only one speaker. I have winavi video converter and in the settings theres options in the audio tab; directac3, and mpeg-2 (something). I dont know about codec, and i just want audio in both speakers. i tried on several tv’s but to no avail.

Another recent problem: with winavi video converter its putting this divx symbol in the bottom right corner of my movies for no reason?? It didnt use to be like that.

Thanks for the replies

There’s a Divx config program where you should be able to turn off the divx symbol. I don’t have Divx installed right now so I can’t be more specific as to where it is.