xVid with multiple audio tracks convert for 360



Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was a program that could delete an audio track from a movie file. I downloaded a movie that has default japanese audio and english audio. Windows Media Player doesn’t recognize multiple audio tracks, no biggie, I open it in DivX player and I can change it easily.
The trouble is, I want to burn this movie to play to a standalone dvd player (my xbox 360). I am having a hard time disabling the default japanese audio track so only the english one plays. Also, I need to find a way to convert the movie into a friendly format for my picky xbox.
Now the only program i’ve seen that allowed me to disable an audio track and select another was VirtualDubMod, but when I went to “save as” the file which is 700mb shoots up to 60GB and clogs up my entire hard drive! For some reason it turns like 60 fps when the movie is originally 25 fps. I’ve used various programs but none seem to do the trick. Thanks in advance.


VirtualDubMod is fine.

The trick is to select “Direct Stream Copy” under the video tab before you resave it.


Using the original source would things make easy.


Hey thanks alot! Now the only problems I’m having is trying to get this to work with my xbox 360. I burned it to a CD-R and it recognized it as a “mixed media disk” and I couldn’t open it. So I opened up a DVD+RW disk but for some reason my dvd drive in my pc doesn’t recognize it. I don’t know if the problem is the video type or the storage disk. Any suggestions?


Is the 360 supposed to play Divx movie files because if it only expects DVD movies then you’ll need to convert to DVD movie format first. I’ve only the original Xbox & that’s what I’d have to do.