XVID with ac3 sound ..Impossible conversions?/


I am experimenting with many different ways to make back ups of DVDs and I am very new so forgive me for any stupidity to start with…

I managed to burn down a dvd and ended up with 1.3 gigs or so …The format it gave me is xvid and ac3 sound… This plays great but I want to fit it on a normal cd (650 meg movies look fine enough for us to watch we dont mind I have seen lots at this size that look great …Usually in a divx form) So i tried to take this file and compress it. I got a small file 650 megs out of ASHAMPOO Burn and shrink but there is no audio track shown??

Ok so I try Stoik video converter and get a super small 365 meg file (way to choppy for me I obviously need to up the frame rate as it will increase the motion I assume). This time there is audio file it was converted to mpeg 3 but none of my players play the audio with the video…??

Or is it that it says there is a audio file and it isnt there ??

I am getting my information from GSPOT any ways VLC doesnt play it with sound nor any other player I have?/

Was choosing MP3 a bad move ?/ should I use a different audio compression?/

Or am i just being to lame using these so called easy converters (shampoo stoik etc) is there a better way??


You have to use a tools which understands handling ac3.