Xvid will not convert

hey guys,

this maybe a stupid question but i cannot find the answer anywhere.

tried to convert and xvid to dvd last night and no matter what program i have i get a windows message saying it had encountered a problem and has to close the program, sorry for the inconvinience. Ive tried to convert using dvdsanta, divx player convertor, avi2dvd. after a bit more research, and after looking at the sticky on this forum i downloaded the 2 dvd fix progs, one would not even load the file again saying it had encountered a problem, the other said there were no errors, i reautored the index to be on the safe side but still to no avail.

any ideas? the only thing i have since though baout - would it matter that i was convertiong to pal - id imagine the original file was ntsc, or does it not twork like that on a xvid file?

also ive previously used dvdsanta and had no problems

and the file plays fine in divx player?

another thought, i assumed that with my divx player i had the correct codec for xvid, and as it played the file fine, is this the case, or could my problem be doewn to not having xvid codec on my machine? - wouold this cause the probs with dvdsanta?

cheers guys

You really need to install a good Xvid codec, I would suggest the one from http://www.koepi.org/

nice one, cheers mate, take it its the fact i have the incorrect or incompatible codec then yeah? just curious as to why it didnt work :smiley: