XviD to VCD

i have been reading guides all day on how to do this, and most of them say to use VirtualDub at one point or another. i have read them from this site, videohelp,afterdawn.
My problem is when i try to load my avi file i get an error message from VirtualDub saying:

VirtualDub requires a Video for windows (VFW) compatable codec to decompress video. Directshow codecs, such as those used by windows media player are not suitable.

i have opened the file using Gspot and it says i have the codecs i need.

please help, i dont want to give up just yet.

i hope this is the right forum to ask this question, if not my bad :o

The error message says it all. You probably don’t have VFW codec installed. Install Koepi’s XviD codec and VirtualDub is able to decompress your video. Don’t forget to run auxsetup.exe in VirtualDub folder if you haven’t already.

i have koepi’s codec. i found out i didnt have it before i dl virtualdub, when i ran Gspot for the first time.
after installing the XviD codec VirtualDub still says the same thing

I think you might have codec priority conflict or installation issue. Try a complete uninstall of both XViD and Virtualdub, and remove the installation folders. Reboot to be safe. Then reinstall XViD first, then VirtualDub. Go through the proper setups of each. If you still have problem, I don’t know what else to tell you, for I had done the same thing. Your problem is common. You might want to go over to doom9 VirtualDub forum, there’s a FAQ there and you would get better assistance. Good luck.