Xvid to dvdr pal to ntsc followed guide but keep having problems



I get all the way through the process (Chickenman’s tutorial) and wind up with no (Encoded_video_CCE_NTSC.mpv) file when done.

here is on error from the log files:
STAT: Processing C:\TempDVD\MPlex_Muxed_File00.mpg…
WARN: not a valid DVD frame rate: 24000.0/1001.0 (NTSC 3:2 pulldown converted FILM)
WARN: attempt to update tv format from pal to ntsc; skipping

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,


You dont get an Encoded_video_CCE_NTSC.mpv ( or Pulldown_…mpv ) but an Encoded_video_CCE_PAL.mpv file that you rename. There is nothing in the tutorial that says you will get a Encoded_video_CCE_NTSC.mpv file, read it again.

Please post your dvd2svcd_log.txt file so someone might be able to find what went wrong. - Edit: Seen your log in other post :slight_smile: