Xvid to DVD

I have looked around and i can’t find how to convert this, i have lots of films that are X-Vid and i want to put them onto DVD (to be used in a normal DVD player not just a computer). Everytime i have tried converting (i have tried millions of converters all having the same problem) they say that X-vid is not a proper compresion for Avi, so i also downloaded a differnet compression supposed to be the same for WVF (which X-Vid isn’t) and that has made no difference. Can you help me please?

Okay…i just reconfigured Cucusoft Avi - DVD and that seems to work now, im so confused but if it works (in 5:45 hours) it will all be fine…sorry to of botherd you if this works, but im not sure if it’s XVid im converting i still might have the same problem, will get back to you.

Also if it’s not to much (i didn’t want to make another thread) does anyone know how to add a little transparent imgage or symble on top of the whole movie or a program that will be able to do that (like on TV shows (ITV SKY etc.)) please help ive been trying to do that for ages, hope you understand what i mean im not to good at explaining myself.


Check that out worked brill for me!!!

Sorry not to sure about how to make a watermark though

Well at least i know it’s a watermark now, thanks mate.

install divx codec from divx.com and use powerproducer very easy always works. made thousands of dvds might take 2 hours to make a dvd depends on ur computer… u can get powerproducer from cyberlink.com but it comes oem with most of new computers… don,t download too many different converters it can mess up ur system…

FAVC is great, and free.