Xvid to DVD, weird Res to AR question

I’m a bit of a newb to this, but bear with me on this epic long post.

I’ve downloaded some chillax anime with some high quality animation and art (which i’d like to preserve) and a few rare fast action scenes.

I’d like to put a few eps on DVD so i can play it on my player.

The anime IS widescreen, and the source appears to be 16:9. Now, i’ve converted some 4:3 stuff before, and the overscan ate a bunch of the signal.
In the finished product, i’d like to keep the original AR with as little overscan axing as possible. Ive read long time ago something about calculating out the proper res to encode at, but i dont know the math behind it or how to do it.

Anyway, the overscan is more important on my 4:3 vids, not here, so onward.

Source file summary info:

704 x 396 (this is the part confusing me)
29 FPS
129 kbps (datarate varies between 120-130 for the 10 avi’s i got)
24 bit sample size

192 kbps (bitrate varies between 130-288 for the 10 avi’s again)
MPEG Layer-3

Each ep is about 24 mins long.

I’m using TMPGEnc to convert, and the wizard opens up.
Do i select DVD NTSC 16:9, or do i Select DVD NTSC 4:3?? After all, the source is 16:9 already, i dont want an extra black line added…but like i said im a newb.

Whatever i choose, i hit ‘next’ and it asks for the source file. I select my avi, and then in expert settings below i set non-interlace (im assuming), and once again it asks for source aspect ratio.

4:3 525 line NTSC 704x480
16:9 525 NTSC
16:9 Display

Which do i choose? :confused:

I select video movie, and hit next.

Now i get a few options, and im confronted with the Video Arrange method.
I know this had something to do with the overscan…whatever. Anyway, I’m confused here.
The options:

“Center (keep AR)” Has good sized black lines, yet the picture is cut off significantly on both left and right. It appears a bit ‘zoomed in’.

“Full Screen (keep AR)” This one has thicker bars. (maybe like i thought, its squishing another black bar on top of the original?..) BUT, the full image is seen.

Yet BOTH settings look like they’re squishing the original when i compare it in zoom player (which is set to properly playback at 16:9).

I finaly try “Center - Custom size” and enter the original 704x396 and get the normal lookin AR. The bars are a bit smaller on top n bottom then when i playback on PC, and now i have thin black lines on left n right (probly to be cut off by overscan). Should i stick to this?..

Also, given the source, what bitrate should i encode at? I obviously dont want to overkill, but i also would like to perserve as much quality as possible.
Using which ‘control’ (CBR,VBR, etc)?

Sorry for the noobism. I tired to read as many search results and guides as i could. The real confusion here occurs because i have to ‘set’ the resolution 3 different times…when the res is a weird # to begin with.

Any help is appreciated. :kiss:

I used to use Tmpgenc but found it difficult to get the right setting to keep the aspect ratio correct.

I now use DVD2SVCD which does the thinking for me & can use Tmpgenc as the encoder. Used with the supplied D2SRoba front end it gives very good results…

The source is 16:9, so you must use full DVD res if you want to have 16:9 also on the target/DVD. :wink: