Xvid to dvd nero prob



Hi guys,

Great forumn its huge!

Anyway hope you can help me with my prob:

I have two pioneer dvd players one bought last year and have the other old one about 3 or 4 years,the prob is that if i encode a xvid filei have to dvd and burn (with nero) and play back (fine on the new dvd and pc) on my older dvd player i get one small screen on the left and another half a one on the right.

The dvd player can definitely play dvdrs proberly as i cloned another disc before and all was fine(not xvid).I think the prob lies in the xvid to dvd encode maybe aspect ratios or somthing i dunno im new at this so not sure.

Any help would be great as im getting balder by the minute!

Cheers to all who reply!!



Hey new devolopment guys

I solved the doulbe picture prob by cncoding with winavi but the prob now is that as soon as the audio kicks in the dvd freezes up/

Please please help