Xvid stuttering

For some reason, Xvids started suttering on me. The video looks like it’s flashing back and forth really fast. I uninstalled the xvid codec, and xvids still play, for some reason, and they do the same thing. I don’t know what the hell is going on. Anyone have any suggestions?

Yep, you installed something that included its own filter/codec to decode xvid, and that filter/codec is not as good as the official xvid codec.

Nero Showtime includes such a filter (and registers it incorrectly), as does Cyberlink PowerDVD… and dozens of other programs, I imagine. What have you installed recently?

Get GSPOT from http://gspot.headbands.com and open an xvid with it. It will tell you which codec is rendering that file.

i think under windows, you can type mplayer2 (mplayer?) at the run dialog to start windows media player classic

from there, open an xvid, and then in the properties should be the filter thats being used. you can unregister the offending filter there, or specify the proper one.

I’ll bet it was JetAudio. I finally tried updating ffdshow and that solved the xvid problem. Then I had problems with cinepak avi’s, so I went into ffdshow config and changed the cinepak to “libavcodec”, whatever the hell that means. Now it works. It appears that all the codecs that don’t say disabled are being handled by this “libavcodec”. Is that the way it’s supposed to be? I’m not really sure what this stuff means. Thanks for your help.

I’m not a big fan of the FFDShow method.

I like my xvids to be decoded by the xvid codec. Seriously.

Some people swear by FFDShow, some swear by VideoLAN (VLC). I personally use VideoLAN as a backup, for the stuff Windows won’t render. I like my Quicktime files rendered by … shockingly … Quicktime. I use the Quicktime Alternative (Quicktime codec without the bloat) but I don’t like these all-in-one replacement packages. They’re just as bad as the problem you already had.

I see. I can change them to Xvid. Which ones should be set to Xvid?


Xvids should be decoded by the XVID codec. Divx’s by the DIVX codec. Although one CAN do the other the support is limited. And you need the DIVX codec anyway to handle DIV3 low-motion. :slight_smile:

There’s only three options to choose from on DivX; disabled, libavcodec, and Xvid. Does disabled mean it’ll default to DivX? And yes, I have both old and new DivX (3 & 5) codecs installed.

Where are you seeing these options?

Under the ffdshow decoder config. Is there some other place these can be changed? It’s the same filter config thing I see when I open an xvid in mplayer2 and go to properties, like ckin2001 said to do.

Ok, see here’s the thing.

You’ve installed FFDShow. While it’s a decent package, it’s YET ANOTHER LEVEL of confusion and complexity. You aren’t solving your problem - you’re just hiding it.

You need to uninstall ALL your codecs and rendering packages, and start fresh.

Ok, now I’d have to say you’ve lost your mind. Do you know how many codecs I have? No way man! I’m not screwing with that mess. :doh: ffdshow is a standard, necessary codec, is it not? I’ve had it installed for ages, actually. I only updated it.

No. FFDShow is an alternative rendering package that renders dozens of different kinds of codecs. It does tolerably well with many of them, but not as well as the actual codec manufacturer.

If you have dozens of codecs and codec packages installed, then you have too many. I have perhaps 10 codecs installed, all using the minimal packages from the manufacturer of the codec. Why do you need dozens?

Actually ffdshow is better than XviD and the support for DivX 4+ is great so you wont need to install DivX Networks’s filter (which is kinda bloated and a bit bitchy). As for Satyr’s issue it’s (in 99% cases) caused by outdated decoding libs.

In general I would recommend something that’s called TBGCP which is developed and tested by a swedish computer forum named TBG and the feedback has been great.
It’s mainly designed for simple slipstreaming so it’s recommended to only use it on fresh Windows installs. Nero should also be installed before running it due to the fact the it installs decoders which are not so good.

So, why is it different…?
Everything comes pre-configured for compatibility and quality, you dont need to touch anything and it also supports a lot of formats that ffdshow doesn’t support by default (such as old XviD encodes). It’s also been tested for compatibility and we have yet to find a file that doesn’t work (except corrupted files).

Following file formats are supported (I might missed a few) :
.avi , .ogm , .mkv , .m2v , .mpg , .mpeg , .vob , .dat , .mov , .mp4 , .3gp

Following video formats are supported:
DivX 3.11 (DIV3, MP41, MP42, MP43) - Kristal Studio Codecs Pack 4.3.3
DivX 4 (DIVX) - ffdshow (libavcodec)
DivX 5.X/6 (DX50) - ffdshow (libavcodec)
Various MPEG4 formats (such as 3gp, mp4) - ffdshow (libavcodec)
H.264 - ffdshow (libavcodec)
3ivX (3IVX) - ffdshow (libavcodec)
MPEG2 - ffdshow (libmpeg2 and of WinDVD)
MJPEG - ffdshow (libavcodec)
SVQ1/3 (Quicktime) - ffdshow (libavcodec)

Following audio formats are supported:
MPEG-1 Layer 1 (mp1) - ffdshow (libmad)
MPEG-2 Layer 2 (mp2) - ffdshow (libmad)
AMR (3gp) - ffdshow (libavcodec)
OGG Vorbis - CoreVorbis
AAC (MP4) - CoreAAC
AC3 - AC3filter
DTS - AC3filter
PES - AC3filter

Subtitle support is obviously included…

Despite the name of Kristal Studio Codecs Pack 4.3.3 it’s only an updated version of DivX 3.11a as ffdshow doesn’t handle it very well.
Everything is tested using MPC (Gabest’s Media Player), mplayer2 and Windows Media Player 9. It also has a WFV backend using XviD libs which means that you wont have issues opening MPEG-4 files in VirtualDub, TMPGEnc Plus or other encoding tools.
DVD’s are also supported using either Windows Media Player 9 or MPC. Be sure not to install the MainConcept splitter. It’s also nice to have support for Quicktime files without even installing Quicktime or parts of it such as QuickTime Alternative.

Gurm, you should give it a spin. It uninstalls cleanly too hehe =)



Blah. I’ll pass, thanks. :frowning: