Xvid playback

I have captured vids from family VHS tapes. I used Xvid MPEG-4 compression and burned to DVD+R disks. These have played without problems on some standalone DVD players. I’m about to buy a player, for the first time. If the machine boasts DVD+R playback, is that enough or do I require MPEG playback also?


Disc support shouldn’t be an issue. The standards are mature and all new players should play all of the current discs. I’m assuming the files that you burned onto disc are avi files. In which case you will need a Divx certified player.

You should look for one that says it is divx compatible as well as being able to read burned disks. If you have a specific one in mind, you can look it up over at videohelp.com


Thanks for your replies.

Capture and compression produced avi files. I then used DVD creation software which produced VOB files etc. The DVDs played in some machines but not others.

If the discs work, just not in all players, then you are having a media issue. For best results, stick with quality media such as Verbatim and Taio Yuden. I use Verbatim DL and TY SL -R media and have yet to find a player on which my discs won’t play.