Xvid+mp3 conversion - video stops right before the end

I have been using DVDFab for a couple of weeks now, I have been trying a couple of different programs to convert/backup my DVDs and so far, DVDFab is the best all around (easiest to use, consistant good quality rips).

But I have had one problem

The issue I have is that on a couple of the movies I have backed up, the video stops right before the end of the movie. The audio completes though (or at least seems too). In some cases, this happens during the end credits, so thats not a big deal. Some of the movies though are older, so no end credits (just “The End”), and the last 2 to 3 minutes of the movie gets chopped.

Using VLC to view the movie, the picture freezes or goes away, the audio keeps playing.

Most of the discs I have had this issue with are clean (very few or no scratches). Some do have scratches though, so I know those can be hit or miss.

I have been using the default settings from the install. I do set the following

High Quality (2 pass)
Bitrate: either 800, 1000, 1200
Framerate: 30fps
Audio Bitrate: 256
Highest Frame Resloution.

The program reports every rip as successful.

Its doesnt happen on every movie (1 out of 10 maybe). I have tried DVDFab on 2 different computers and have seen the problem on both. I have also tried a couple different versions of DVDFab (including the most recent), and still seem to have the problem

After looking through the boards, I dont see anyone else reporting this (my apologies if I missed it). Thanks in advance for any help/ideas.

Hi Zeus. This was a problem with a couple of earlier versions of the DVD to Mobile function several months ago, particularly with long movies but I haven’t experienced it since then. I have not done any MPEG-4s with the current or previous versions since my normal platform is still down. Ting reads through the forum almost every day and I’m sure he will see this and respond. In the meantime one of the following suggestions might help: If you don’t already have it download and install the ffdshow codec. Try smaller screen size and one notch less on the audio bitrate. Try changing the Fixed bitrate/Fixed File Size settings on the Configure screen. And I wonder if you’ve tried single-pass encoding and whether it worked in that mode.

Have same problem, dosen’t seem to be audio type.

All these were 2 pass.

Tested: Superman Returns,
768x432 1800kb/s fixed rate xvid, direct audio copy.
Video stops before end of movie,about 5-6 min…

Arthur and the invisibles
768x432 1400kb/s, xvid, 128 kb/s cbr mp3
also a about to credits when video disspapears.

Charlotte’s Web, same as Arthur and invisibles.

These were from ISO’s from Hard drive just done with DVDFab Platinum.
version, i’m a trial user.

k. inverted

Give the new beta ( a try with these same titles.

Further testing seems to narrowing it to a problem using 2 pass conversion.
I just downloaded latest ver to check.
Testing now.