Xvid->DVD file is too large?

I have a video in .avi (Xvid) format that is 700mb. I am using Ulead DVD Movie Factory to convert it and burn it onto a dvd-r, but it keeps saying that the file size is going to be 5.7GB. Is there anything I can change to make it fit onto a dvd?

if you don’t want to buy any more software and if Ulead allows you to actually create the authored dvd despite it being oversized (i have no idea if it does or not, but some programs won’t allow it), you can create the dvd and then compress it with dvdshrink. otherwise, you can try using methods that offer you more manual control over the output size. some examples can be found in the guides and tutorials subforum of the video forum.

I have no problem purchasing more software. I just want the easiest, quickest way to do it. Quality is as important also though.