Xvid(divx) to dvd with subtitles HELP

I have th 24 season 2 in Xvid(i think) avi files.I tried DIKO i tried DVD2SVCD but failed.Can ne1 give a tip or a guide how to convert them in dvd.The subtitles are in .srt format

it would be easiest to use the original dvds to do this sort of backup.

DVD2SVCD can inport subtitles in *.srt format, I have done this MANY times and has never fialed. How did DVD2SVCD not work for you? Did you set them to Permanent or DVD style and did you let DVD2SVCD author the final encode for you?

Dvd style then permanent(worked).At the Cd image tab i checked no images.Any the quality isn’t what i expected so i’ll use the original dvds.Thanx