Xvid codec safe to use?



i found the so called Xvid codec at download.com, although i’m NOT sure if it’s safe to use, i am full aware that Xvid has NO OFFICAL codec, so either i install k-lite or i go find other codecs, however k-lite has cause problems in the past and i will never to use it again, so is there anyother codec that’s SAFE, REALIABLE, and won’t conflict with other codec or cause problems?

i’ve heard of VLC player, although it didn’t say if it supports Xvid…

thanks for the help.


Video Lan Player will play just about everything and yes it supports Xvid.

FYI: Taken from free-codecs.com forum (http://www.free-codecs.com/)

Guide to using Codecs

This is not a bible, but general guide with links to popular codecs.


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The Xvid codec is perfectly safe and an almost essential must have.

I prefer just to install the codecs I need , which is few, rather than use these packs although I believe the K Lite one is a good choice should wish to do it that way.


It’s safe and been used for years now, grab the latest build over at Koepi’s site.


Using VideoLAN Player for video here and haven’t needed any other codec yet. Keeps XP clean.


I think that ffdshow is a better choice. I have some files that xvid can’t play correctly or it crashes. The solution is ffdshow in my case.


ffdshow is recommended for Xvid decoding…