XviD burning issues

I recently came into possesion of a few XviD’s and tried to burn them to DVD so I could watch them on the tv. I have Nero 7 Ultra and it seems to burn ok EXCEPT the sound is way off. There’s up to 30 seconds of discrepency between the picture and the soundtrack. The files play just fine on the computer so I must be doing something wrong in burning them. I tried using Nero Smart Start and then ‘Make you own DVD Video’ and also just burning as a data disc. The later isn’t recognized at all by my dvd player and the first is what causes my problem as described above.
Any help would be appreciated.


nero dose not convert xvid to dvd what do you mean ?? what are you using to convert the xvid ??

badd post I guess your using nero vision to convert the xvid …sorry…I did not understand until I went back and re-read your post

I would seguest using a diff conversion progg, nero does not convert lame to well. I would burn only with nero…conversions I do with other proggs. no problems with audio, if the audio is dissplaced in the xvid you can fix. but that does not seem to be the problem…

That XviD avi may have been recorded with a vbr mp3 soundtrack. I found Nero Vision works better if I decode the sound track to wav in VirtualDub first, then run it through Nero Vision. Most of the time, VirtualDub says the vbr is incorrectly encoded, and recommends decoding to wav to avoid the problem with the sound and movie difference.

Check this out: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=187317

This solution worked perfectly for me.