XVid-avi & UDf

Hi everyone

I’m a newby here, so sorry if my question sounds sort of stupid or if I’m posting in the wrong forum.

I use DVD-Decrypter and AutoGK to backup my dvds, which works nicely and produces great quality. My standalone dvd-player doesn’t have any problems with these files as long as I burn them in ISO mode on the DVD.
UDF-mode DVDs, which I need for avi-files larger than 2GB, don’t work with my player. If I simply burn the avi to the dvd my player doesn’t recognise it at all. If I create a folder named VIDEO_TS and put the avi into it, the dvd-player does recognise the dvd, shows me its content and tells me that the file type is not allowed on this file system.

Is there any possibility to burn XVid-avis larger than 2Gb on a dvd my player reads?

If not, what would recommend for high quality dvds: Either compressing the XVid file down to 2GB, or using a completely different programme like DVDshrink?

I know of no DivX playing DVD Player that can play AVI’s greater than 2gb. If you dont mind a second or 2 gap, just burn them to your DVD in the correct order, once AVI 1 has played and finished it will auto start playing the second AVI. Just keep each under 2 gb.

If you make your Xvids at 2.15gb then you can get 2 onto each dvdr (you need to spit them so they can play though), but using Shrink or similar, quality drops dramatically trying to get 2 movies onto a dvdr.

Thanks for your kind help.
Just one more question: For DVD9, does it make sense to use a programme like DVD2SVCD, if I want high quality dvds?

Absolutely, DVD2SVCD will give you main movie only with the best quality. If you want the menus and extras as well, then DVD ReBuilder is the way to go.

Hi eveyone, I totally new here, and I have some questions.
I have some AVI’s and they last like 1 hr each one, and I’ve been trying to burn them in a DVD (4.7 G) but I haven’t find the way to do it.
If I convert the file into DVD (VOB, IFO) each episode will take a whole DVD so will end spending 12 DVDs, I tried converting the file into SVCD but still, the file and with more than 2 Gs and Nero won’t let me burn them in ISO because the size and I have no idea what to do and neither what sofware use … so if you please could help me

May I suggest you have a read of http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=61142 as its all explained in there. A couple of changes though, set to No Images and as the eps are 1hr long, then only put 3 per dvd, so set the CD Size to 1/3 of 4460=1490 Encode each separately to its own folder and then author them to dvd using TMPGEnc DVD Author. You can select one of the menu’s and put in episode names etc.

3 or 4 per dvd is a good choice.