Xtra cooling needed for my SATA-II controller chip when i use OCZ vertex SSD?

[qanda]This thread is about the OCZ Vertex Series SATA II 2.5" 30GB SSD. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]In a few days i wil have one OCZ vertex SSD.
There are rumors that this drive is capable of overloading an average SATA-II controller chip.
My on-board SATA-II chip (JMicron JMB363) is already tooo hot to touch :frowning:

Question: do i need to glue some kind of mini heatsink on the controller chip ?

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The JMicron controller may not be a good solution to connect any SSD. You will probably have much more success if you can connect the Vertex to the mainboards main SATA controller, which is usually Incorporated into the Southbridge which is normally cooled anyway. You could then perhaps move a traditional spinning HDD to the JMicron controller.

The Vertex is a screamer though. I’ve been testing one now for a week or so, and as well have having fast read and write speeds, it also has awesome IO performance.

Be sure to come back here and let us know how you get on with your Vertex.

As you can see i applied my profesional skills for this delicate operation with 2-components glue :iagree:

Hoi Dee-27,

My computer still runs after the superglue treatment :iagree:

Cancelled the vertex order.
Waited more than a month.
This is no good.
I get the impression that something is seriously wrong with the vertex 30GB model.
A firmware upgrade should not take that long.

Next i will wait and see what future brings us.

I hope OCZ has rewarded you generously for the great work you have done.
You deserve that :iagree:

OCZ gave me no reward, or even offered one, and i would never accept one in any case.
Nothing is wrong with the Vertex that i can find, and i’m still using it.

I like the grunge heatsink!, but your average epoxy is not necessarily great for thermal transfer.

Arctic silver make a thermal adhesive, which you can also mix with a little paste for a better heat transfer but weaker bond - some say you can also make your own thermal epoxy by adding some thermal paste.

The other thing, metal is not magic, the chip surface is as good at heat dissipation as the same area of metal and has no additional tranfer losses, so the effect of the heatsink is the additional area, minus transfer losses in the bond and through the thin metal to the additional area.

The onboard JMicron controller chip was no good, even the nvidia southbridge sata 150 controller performed a lot better with 2x WD RE3 320GB & raid(0).
Now the disks are spinning on a Areca 1200 hardraid controller witch is a really cool improvement :iagree:

No vertex drives yet because of the higher prices.
Next month i get my extra holidays check:bow:
Yust in time for 2 Summits…

With the ongoing development on Vertex, with firmware updates. The Vertex, way outperforms the Summit.

Or if your feeling very rich, the Vertex EX (SLC) enterprise series of drives, outperforms anything.

Mny thanks again

Vertex it will be

when the price is right