Xsu1 for 32123s xs0x

i was pleasently surprised to find out that my 32123s with xs0x could be flashed to xsu1 giving it mt.rainier.tried to do it but couldn’t. can anyone give me detailed instructions on proper installation of bin file?thanks

  1. Get a bootable Win95/98 bootdisk (bootable without the cdrom drivers…or hit F5 as it boots so it will bypass your system files).

  2. Download MTKFLASH.exe and the LiteOn XSU1 firmware and put them on a separate floppy diskette.

  3. Boot to DOS with the Win95/98 bootdisk. Then insert the second floppy with the flash utility and the new firmware.

  4. BACKUP your current firware by the following command: MTKFLASH X R /B /M filename.bin (where X is either 1 = Primary Master, 2 = Primary Slave, 3 = Secondary Master, 4 = Secondary Slave, Filename = the name of your current firmware. Note the spaces between the letters after mtkflash.)

  5. Turn the 32x Liteon to a 40x by the next command: MTKFLASH X W /B XSU1.bin (where x = see above). It will take a few minutes to write. Don’t touch the computer until it finishes.

  6. Reboot the computer and off you go. Test it out and make sure all is good. If you find it dying or making tons of noise, or just not quite working right, flash it back the same way with your backed up firmware.

I was running XSOX as well…so far so good!

Where can I get Xsu1.bin file other than http://people.freenet.de/maikhorst/XSU1.zip because I can not download it from the given link, or please send it to me at macmel@digitelone.com

thanx very much…

link works fine…I just tried to download it. Keep tryin’…

Thanx for your reply Ytsejamer1 but I tried for two days but to no avail. If you have it, can you please send via macmel@digitelone.com. Pleaseeeee…

Thanx again.

Damn i tried to flash my 32123S and now it stuck in the begin screen of my bios.

I can’t do anything, if i unplugg my cdwriter then my comp starts normally.

Can anyone help me?

I saw the flashing guide by Ytsejamer1 and just wanted to know if I can do the same details with Windows XP. And I have two CD Drives, one is an AOpen CD Rom and the other is a LiteON 32x12x40. Should I remove my CD Rom first before flashing. By the way thanx very much to you Eric Florin for sending me the bin file.
Just wanted to be sure before flashing my drive and cannot afford to fry my drive.

Thanx to all of you…