Hi all

I did try to run the update.

boot up n a win98 bootdisk with and with out cdrom support

and did switch the disk out and did run the a:\MKTFLASH 3 W /B XSU1.bin

and then i get an error there tells me that i cant read from G: and all the shit about abrt retry or fail

any one there can help me ?


Add the path of the bin file, such as

a:\MKTFLASH 3 W /B a:\XSU1.bin (if your bin file is on your disc)

thanx M8

i will try that :slight_smile:

still not working :frowning:

Try MTKFlash 3 W /B XSU1.bin :bigsmile:


I tried this on my Lite-On 24X and fried it.

Originally posted by ToastedDrive
I tried this on my Lite-On 24X and fried it.

Only 24103S can be OC’ed, not 24102B… You did a backup right?

nope, i didnt backup…Do you know where i can find a valid one?

You can leech one of alex here :slight_smile:

This is a backup of a LTR-24102B, which is your writer right?

yep, thats my drive! thanks dood…ill let ya know if it works

Ok, well my first problem is that the drive does not even get recognized anymore… The BIOS does not find the drive, and neither does windows xp. Any ideas?

even if the drive is not recognized by the bios, try to flash your drive as secondary slave
(second ide channel, jumper at slave position)
sorry for my bad english,i’m just a little frenchie!!