Xstream noob please help

hey guys,

I got a DVD version of BF2, its 1.9GB, it wont let me play it, i need a no-cd crack designed for version 1.03 or to put the cd image on a drive, it dectects it when i use Daemon tools to mount the image to a vritual drive i have Alcohol 120% and i mount it thorough there, it still gives me the error, even when i made the mds with Alcohol 120%. I’m out of ideas, i just need some help, i dont have a DVD drive so i cant burn it to a DVD-R

The first part of your post is a little unclear. Are you saying that you have an original dvd version of the game but that you can’t play from your original disc?

[Note: Please don’t ask for no-cd/dvd cracks on this forum which is warez free.]

i have the iso image written to my computer, and my friend baught my cd because i thought i could get a no-cd crack, i need one for 1.03 if thats not warez?

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: what on earth is a “no-cd crack”…???

Ho, I think I get it… something to fool the game into thinking a CD/DVD is actually inserted in the drive?

you tried with Alcohol, maybe you could try with Daemon tools…

Sorry but if you’ve sold the original to your friend, you’re not allowed to retain and play from an image (and, in those circumstances, asking for a no-cd crack not only is illegal and contrary to the forum rules but is a warez request by any definition).