I am new here just wanted to no if anyone can help me I am useing wxripper and get a 7.5gig image file but can’t burn it I tryed imgburn cookies burner n xbox back up cr8ter could some one tell what I doin wrong thanks.


First get DL media, then post the error you get.


I have dl and also have dl burner I get a time out error I just downloaded ss merger do I need it thanks for your help eveywere else I look no one helps me thanks again


I get a error of the semaphore timeout period expired


The log of IMGBurn would be very helpful, start imgburn then go [B]HELP>IMGBurn logs… [/B]
a window will open that will have a file named imgburn.log you can compress it and upload it, that way more people will be able to see where the problems is and possibly reply.


I am on my iphone as I just moved home so I on the net yet I used ss merger and I get a DVD file and a image file witch is 7.29gig when I try burn it it says unsurported image file


Could anyone tell me what is a ss file a I made a back up my xbox 360 game usind wxripper witch gave me a image file of 7.5gig but I can’t burn it I looked online and this ss bin keeps poping up ive got ss merger but have not got the ss file for the game can I create one my self if could you please tell me how to do this thank you.


the best way to copy a xbox game is to use a spare xbox drive and flash it with the 0800 firmware then use xbox backup creator