Xpert Dvd Maker

Ok Guys New At This Never Been In A Forum And New At Video Editing. Recently Bought Xpert Dvd Maker. Having All Kinds Of Problems. Am Trying To To Use Power Producer 2 Gold.i Think I Figured Out The Sound Problem I Can Now Receive Sound But Every Time I Try To Record Straight To Disc Or Record To Hard Drive It Freezes And I Loose My Connection To The Vcr. Then I Have To Reboot The Computer. Tried Using Nero But No Luck There Either It Tells Me It Cannot Find My Connection. If Anybody Can Help It Would Be Greatly Appreciated. I Am About At Wits End.

Power producer is not very good software. Use HuffyUV to capture, VirtualDub to edit, and since you already have power producer, you could use it to author/burn your dvd.

ok downloaded virtual dub. when try to capture video it says unable to open filed “write” the specified path is invalid.

Then you have to set a file to store the capped material to.